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Jennifer Wright – About

Mother, HomeMaker, Activist, Kingdom Storyteller



Hi, I’m Jen, married, Mother of eight, HomeMaker, Activist, Kingdom Storyteller 

I’m so thrilled you’re here, welcome to my online space where I house my written publications & my personal faith blog – May he be seen. I launched my personal memoir book in 2020, and a companion for her, a journal – seasons of her heart a few months later . This space was created as an extension of my hearts journey, a deep love for God and his people. 

To get to know me on an intimate level, my personal memoir & blog are the best places to start!  download any free resources on the website, feel free to follow me along online on Instagram @_jen_wright or send love my way via email, I love hearing from you.  

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In His service, 

Love Jen x