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May He Be Seen Blog

The Moment God Moves

God moves when you least expect it, just as the thousands of Israelites living in tents for 40 years moved whenever the cloud moved, without regard to their preferences or timeline. It is evident that they were exhausted, restless, and vulnerable in the wilderness, their hearts and homes in full trust and confidence in the one who freed them... Here's a glimpse of a recent struggle I had with the Lord... it wasn't as dramatic as the wilderness story, but it was still a heart struggle nonetheless...

My Heart Has Been Redeemed!

The work of redemption belongs solely to God, it is in his hands that good emerges from evil and we become whole. He intends to bring redemption to wounded and fragmented places in our lives so that our weaknesses can be transformed into strengths. In redemption, we learn that out of our most painful experiences can come our most meaningful ones.

Suffering In Light Of The Cross

Despite the passing of a few years, I still longed for freedom day and night, for my own imprisonment in my head, forged by my own hands. As I recall, I was asked to share my story or experiences of what I had gone through, and though I was still living the ripple effects of my suffering at the time, I agreed...

Do You Find Comfort In Suffering?

"Supposing you eliminated suffering, what a dreadful place the world would be, because everything that corrects the tendency of man to feel over important and over pleased with himself would disappear. He would be absolutely intolerable if he never suffered."

There Is A Reason For Suffering

God does not place a special requirement on you to suffer. Don't get it twisted; discover and explore what a path through suffering might mean to you if it is your lot, and how God's mercy and our pain truly relate.

He is my hearts desire

I could never really own the story I have shared and until I did that I couldn't show up fully.  The vulnerability I allowed you all to see and take a peek into my life and heart, seemed like a great idea at the time haha, with that came a lot of stories of doubts and shame.

Internal Misalignment

Internal Misalignment - when your internal world is misaligned with your external circumstances, an imbalance of the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional, turmoil is the natural result. here's a quick 3 step mental reset blog post and some ebook resources to delve further into realigning yourself